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Funny party games for adults

If you are hosting an adult party and you want to offer your guests a different experience than the one they usually have at formal gatherings, than you should work on a list of entertainment games and activities that everybody enjoys. Here are just a few ideas that will turn your adult parties from catastrophic bore fests to exciting events.

Who’s my match? – In preparation for your party, write a few celebrity names on different pieces of paper and stick them on the back of every guest that reaches your home. Next, explain to them that they can only ask yes or no questions to other invitees about their own identity as they move around the room. Let them know that they can only ask one question at a time and keep the conversation short. The goal is to have them mingle as much as possible and not to get stuck in long discussions as they are used to on Live Sex Chat at This is a great way to break the ice and have your guests talk with each other right from the beginning.

Sardines – Who says hide-n-seek is only for children? This fun version of the game is perfect for adult parties and it will have your friends giggle for days only at the simple reminder of it. If your house is big enough, get all your guests into one room and nominate one of them to leave and find a place to hide in another quarter of the house. After five or ten minutes, everybody goes on an individual search for the hidden person. As soon as they find them, they must hide as well with the same guest and keep quiet. Sooner or later, you will find seven people crammed behind the shower curtain, in a piece of furniture or even in your study, behind the computer. If they hide here, make sure in advance that you have exited your session of Live Sex Chat. Otherwise, they will get distracted and completely forget about the game.

Two truths and a lie – Give each guest a piece of paper and ask them to write down three things about them, two that are true and one that is a lie. Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl and mix well. Take a random note and read it out loud. The other will have to guess who is the note referring to and which one is the lie. This is a fun, popular game on online Live Sex Chat platforms as well, where members can discover new things about one and other.

As with any party, you need a serious icebreaker that relaxes the atmosphere and forces everyone to release their inhibitions. A corny game that has everybody laughing will surely make your event a memorable one. Do not be disappointed if some of the guests are not that active. Just as it is with Live Sex Chat, some of them just like to watch and that is all they need to have fun.