The Avocado Papers - opening paragraphs

opening paragraphs

Will someone please remind me to go to The Olive Garden one of these days. This is apparently the place where real Italians go to get food made the way you get it in Italy. Hey, why is everyone picking on George W. Bush. I feel that we, and I guess that by "we" I don't mean "we" but "the liberal news media," hold our public officials to higher and higher standards. If we want our leaders to be extensions of ourselves, and maybe that is what democracy is about, then I couldn't place Europe on a map if you held a gun to my head. Should we be intimidated by our leaders? Posted at 11:14 PM, 9/17/2000

Sorry not to have written yesterday, travelling most of the day. Trying to do this every day (diary), but it doesn't always work out. Atlanta is fine, but wouldn't want to live here -- the "lost city" and all that; so sad. Ran into Jimmy Vomit in the lobby downstairs this morning, though -- weird to see him after so long, and here of all places. Not sure he's [hang on, room service is here...] Jimmy -- yeah, weird to see him after so much water under the bridge, etc. They say that time heals all wounds, but he has the same infected-looking abscess thing on his upper left (right?) ear as he's had for as long as I've known him. Whatever. Diane probably drips stuff into it when he's asleep to keep it from healing. Knowing her. (Diane also here in Atlanta; they're not staying in this hotel, though, thank God.) Here' something I've been thinking about recently -- Prunes. What are they. Posted at 11:06 PM, 9/23/2000